curious me!

I’ve beaten some fairly serious odds in my life. But I’m still alive and I live in Japan. I’m an Expat. Gaijin. Outsider. And happily, so. Actually, I’ve felt like an outsider most of my life. That is the main backdrop against which I create content. I’m Curious about everything! And my life these days is inextricably intertwined with food – cooking it, and seeking out great tastes too!

Our planet has become a rather stressful and confusing to inhabit, so I want to share elements of my life that, hopefully, will spread some positivity and good vibes. There’s a lot more to me than being the Curious Gaijin. I have a long background in a range of creative arts, including musical theatre, gigging with bands, acting, and filmmaking – actually managed to persuade a university in Australia to give me a master’s degree for that last one! :)

I’m putting all of my professional experiences into what you see on the pages of this website and my various social media channels. So, with a heavy focus on what I think makes the world go round – FOOD – the Curious Gaijin is all about doing life in my little corner of the world; a country-sea resort spot on Japan’s Chiba coast.

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