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The Curious Gaijin – “aka” the Bearded Blogger, Ex-Journo is: Well, it’s ME! See, for most of my career I was a broadcast journalist and presenter.

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  •      The Curious Gaijin – also known as the Bearded Blogger, or the Ex-Journo is: Well, it’s ME!
  •      Too much self-indulgent bullshit from attention-seekers, who’ll say anything clickbaity to get views
  •      I’ve already been a bit famous. Didn’t like it much. That’s not what I’m here for



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Well, actually I’m the Curious Gaijin! 



Let me tell you what my content, website, and my socials are all about. Firstly, I’ll address the “elephant” in the room – or “ANGEL” would be more to the point, I suppose.
I’m sure you must be wondering why I have wings???


Well, the wings are to do with my name – ANGELINO – which means “Little Angel” in Italian. I’ll explain more about that in the next episode. For THIS episode, though- I’m hoping you’ve started here. I mean the “START HERE” up in the title is a bit of a giveaway.

In any case, you’re very welcome.

The Curious Gaijin – also known as the Bearded Blogger, or the Ex-Journo is: Well, it’s ME! See, for most of my career I was a broadcast journalist and presenter. I’ve worked all over the world, and had some amazing experiences.


I’m old school though. Yeah, one of those annoying bastards that calls “bullshit” on any human who regurgitates a media release and thinks they’ve done journalism. Well, they haven’t. What they have done is Churnalism – with a CH.


So a few years back, I decided: “I’m Out!”


These days I create my own content: Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts where usually I say out loud what probably most people might be thinking. It’s all about being the Gaijin – the outsider, wherever I am in the world.

And my curiosity about – well, everything! Which leads to my various perspectives on life: here, there and pretty much everywhere.


Ever since blogging and podcasting became a thing, I’ve started and deleted many blogs, vlogs and, well, you get the picture.


The difference is that now in 2022, well into the third year of living with this dreaded “Wu flu”- And just in case you missed that, I’ll spell it out: the Wu-flu, Covid-19, the Global Pandemic that started in Wuhan, China. Possibly started from bats to other animals to humans, possibly started in a wet market in Wuhan, or possibly started from an accident at a laboratory. Who’s to know really? The Chinese are not known for their forthcoming attitude towards shining a light on shit that is considered wrong by most freedom-loving human beings.


Now, everything seems so alarmingly fragile. Not that life hasn’t always been fragile. It has and is. However, the last couple of years will never be forgotten for its totally global and shocking effect on humanity. Putting the COVID 19 pandemic aside for a moment, there’s so much that’s whack in our world as we head into the 2020s, isn’t there?

I suppose my use of the word whack dates me a little. I’m not a BOOMER though, but the point is that our world continues to become an even more insecure, confusing and stressful place to inhabit as time goes on.


So I’m adding my voice to the conversation in hope that I, that we, might find a way to make sense of the things going on around us.


And it’s within this framework that I step forward into the blogosphere once again with blogs, vlogs and podcasts about the things that float my boat and maybe float yours too. Featuring my various perspectives, ideas and analysis on world events, and what it’s like to live and work here in Japan.

I’m inspired to blog, vlog and podcast because, well, too many people seem to insist the truth is somewhat fluid concept in our postmodern world.

Sorry, I insist. The facts are not. The facts are not fluid.


What may be the truth in one person’s mind may be something completely different for another person. In other words, let’s call her Amber, whose version of the truth might be influenced by factors such as socio economic circumstances, upbringing, outside societal influences, the philosophies of educators and so on. Whereas let’s call him Gary is so strung out on the drugs he’s been injecting into his eyeballs for the better part of the last decade, that his concept of the truth is going to be more than a little hazy.


You might have noticed I used the word “concept”. That’s right. Yet another example of how life is in the post-modern era – dominated by cancel culture idiots and the Politically Correctness Police.

Does that- is that even a word? (to off camera) Is that even a word? The world doesn’t seem willing to accept the truth for what it actually is anymore. I suggest interpreting the truth to fit the circumstances is a form of narcissism, a selfish justification to frame the things that are said and done in the light that a person wants them to be seen and accepted.

And don’t get me started on how those who oppose the status quo or popular view are summarily dismissed, accused of hate speech and other incendiary terms that invalidate them without any consideration. All you need to do is look around on various social media and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. And the COVID 19 pandemic has made things worse.


The amount of self-indulgent, narcissistic bullshit that’s out there, people craving attention who’ll say anything clickbaity to get views, likes and followers.


And before the naysayers start accusing me of doing the same, let’s be clear about something.

There are two types of content creators on social media. One: self-focused vloggers who share every waking thought and emotion, drawing attention only to themselves. Those people who force us to become voyeuristic, looking in on every up and down moment of their lives. Frankly, it’s a bit like the worst kind of reality TV. Look, I’ve enough stuff to deal with in my own life without taking on the emotional rollercoaster of some “look at me” It’s all about ME vlogger as well.


And two: outwardly focused vloggers who actually contribute something positive to the lives of others.

And that’s the group I want to be in. So let’s flip this into something a little more positive. Have you ever heard the expression you are what you eat? Well, I reckon we are what we think about. Kinda. Just like the food we consume contributes to our physical being. What we put into our heads, what we spend our time thinking about, focusing on, contributes to who we are up here. When I realized that fact, mind blowing!


Look, I’ve always worked in the public eye, so I used to be fairly focused on how I came across to the public. My looks, my level of popularity. Especially living and working in Tokyo, the attention from fans, the pursuit of career success and money, fame, material things… Meaningless in the end.

And for me, the shit hit the fan one day when I collapsed.


Pretty much on my deathbed there was emergency dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant. My story isn’t unique, though.


There are people who have gone through far more dramatic experiences than I have. But my experiences make me want to contribute something more thoughtful to the Internet going forward.

So here we go. In the episodes to follow, wherever you’re connecting with me – on my website, YouTube, or on social media, I want you to know that I am all about actual reality, the facts! What you see and hear is what you get.

I’ve already been a bit famous. Didn’t like it much. That’s not what I’m here for.


My hope is that you’ll understand and appreciate my frustration with how the truth of a matter is so often skewed to serve ulterior motives.

I’m not pointing the finger at any particular public speaker, influencer, or government etc. just now. But I do appreciate honest people who conduct themselves with integrity.


Anyone who can’t do that is on my shit list.


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